Restoration of antique
and contemporary furniture.


Repairs to broken, scratched
or worn timber furniture.


Creative customisation and recycling of furniture



At ‘Wood Poetry’,  we restore, repair and repurpose both outdoor and indoor timber furniture.   So, if you have those furniture pieces sitting in a pile somewhere and the idea of a DYI restoration project has lost its charm, we are happy to assist.  

Is your timber furniture in  need of restoration, repairs or just a bit of refreshing? Wood Poetry can help! Wood Poetry loves bringing life again to  old, damaged, discarded, broken and abandoned furniture pieces.   We reckon every piece has a story and we love honoring the stories behind special pieces of furniture.  

We also specialise in fixing stuff that has been damaged or broken – or maybe just needs someone to know how to put the pieces together again.   



– Experienced craftsman

Director, Robert Steendam is a craftsman with more  than 40 years experience of working with timber. He has worked as a builder, cabinet maker and a handyman.  He has learned to listen to what customers want and he has learnt to find creative solutions to get the best results.    

– Breathing life into old pieces

Robert now brings his wealth of experience and his gifted hands to serving customers who are looking for someone to listen, understand and quietly, respectfully do the job on time and at a reasonable cost. 

– Lovingly restored, with care

‘I love  seeing the customers’ joy when they see their piece of furniture restored. Often, there are stories and many memories behind each piece and restoring furniture, not only brings new life, but it helps maintain the connection between experiences past and present.’

– Locally owned

Wood Poetry are based in Bli Bli on the Sunshine Coast, and service the entire Sunshine Coast region. We don’t have a retail outlet, but we do have a comfortable workshop that you are welcome to visit by appointment.

– So let’s talk…

 If you would like some new life for your old,  used or damaged timber furniture, contact us and let’s talk about how your pieces could benefit from a good dose of ‘loving restoration’. I look forward to working with you.

Robert Steendam


Dining Chairs
Arm chairs
Dining tables
Coffee tables
Dressing Tables
Side buffets
Library cabinets
Outdoor furniture
Storage units
  • Do you fix broken furniture?

    Yes we do.   We have had decades of experience in joinery and we apply to skills to repairing your furniture so it looks like new and it strong.   We are able to advise on the best approach to repair your furniture – whether it is a broken leg, a damaged surface or a wonky drawer or door!

  • I have a table that is painted and I would like to have it stripped back to raw timber – do you do this?

    Yes, this is one of the most requested jobs.  Paint and old varnishes often hide a spectacular piece of furniture and stripping and sanding it back can reveal the full glory of natural timber – grains and all.

  • I have timber furniture that I would like painted white – can you do this?

    We certainly can.  There are fashion trends in furniture and we are able to work with you whether you would like a ‘shabby chic’ look or a  whether you are just after a funky colour – we can  colour up the whole surface or just the edges and we can do a combination – combining the natural timber look with a contrasting painted surface.

  • What products do you use?

    We use the highest quality paints, lacquers and oils to protect your furniture and also to ensure that this restoration or repair will be long lasting!


Restored to its former glory

I found an unusual broken folding chair at a demolition yard. It had six hessian seats and I was sure there was history behind this piece of furniture. Turns out - that it was an original seat from the Coolum movie theatre. Actually, my mum remembers these seats from when she was a young child. Anyway, the hessian seats had deteriorated and the timber had been left in the weather - not a pretty look and I was thinking it might not be worth restoring. I contacted Wood Poetry for their advice and expertise and I was amazed at the outcome. I recently collected a beautiful piece of furniture - restored to its former glory - complete with hessian seats. The timber it turns out was Queensland Maple and I now have it sitting in pride of place on my deck. Love it! Thank you Rob .

Joshua Yakubu

My old dining table I used as a young boy...

I am 82 years old and have recently downsized to a retirement village. That meant cleaning out the garage where old family furniture pieces had been stored for decades. I came across a dining table that had been in my family since I was a young boy. It was dark and covered with blotches of thick paint and dents - someone had used it as a craft table. It looked shocking but my daughter wanted to have it - so I contacted Wood Poetry to restore it. I am so glad I did... the table was stripped back to raw timber and sealed and it looks wonderful - the original castors were also repaired and I was so thrilled to see my old dining table that I used as a young boy now being used by my daughter and her family. Thank you Rob for this wonderful restoration!

John Hammond
Timber Stains Restoration

Timber Finishes

We can either restore the piece to its original colour, or help you choose a different look for the piece. Whether it’s darker or lighter we have a range of timber stains and treatments from which to choose. We are experts in timber restoration and will give you our honest advice.

upholstery for furniture restorations

Upholstery Fabrics

Wood Poetry partners with a number of professional upholstery companies who have an extensive range of fabric choices.  Talk to us – we can help direct you to outstanding upholsterers. If you have already selected your fabric,  we can also assist with matching a timber stain to complement the tones of fabric choice.
repair broken dining table insurance

Insurance Claims

Accidents happen! Whether it is a beloved piece of furniture damaged during a move, in storage or even while in your home, Wood Poetry is able to assist. We are happy to work with both insurance companies and individuals, repairing broken or damaged timber furniture and restoring these treasures back to you!

affordable furniture restoration Sunshine Coast

Affordable Pricing

At Wood Poetry, we are proud to provide a service that honours the craftsmanship involved in patiently and respectfully restoring the work of another. This process takes time… and care… and patience… and skill. Having said that, we think you’ll be surprised at how affordable our prices are. Need a quote – just ask!