Sometimes even with the best care and attention, furniture can  get broken or damaged. So, whether it is your dining chairs that are now a bit wobbly from all of that rocking at the dining table; or the lovely sideboard that has been in your family for generations did not fare well after the recent house moving experience, or whether the burst pipe under the kitchen sink left a watermark on all of the legs of your furniture – Wood Poetry can repair  the broken and bruised bits of your indoor or outdoor timber furniture. 

We can repair all surfaces of timber and veneer and are able to mill new pieces where the broken pieces cannot be repaired.    Decades of experience working in carpentry and joinery have equipped us to find the best approach to repair your furniture.    We also match stains and colours to ensure that the repairs look just like the original timber

We can repair the following types of timber furniture

Chairs – legs, arms, spindles and broken dowels, rungs and rocking chairs and rattan seats too!

Tables –  broken legs and scratched surfaces on all coffee tables, dining tables and side tables

Sideboards and cupboards – drawers that stick and doors that sag or bind or joints that are just loose!  And those faulty hinges and worn slides and runners – we can fix those too.  

Rattan:   seats and backs – we replace the rattan weaving so your furniture is strong and reliable again!

Handles:  we fix handles that are broken on drawers and cupboards too

restoration of a timber piano stool
restoration of a timber piano stool
restoration of a timber piano stool
restoration of a timber piano stool
restoration of a timber piano stool

Termite Damage to a Piano Stool

Whilst in storage, this piano stool had sustained significant damage.


Sometimes, you might just have a quirky piece of furniture  that you picked up from the second hand market and you are wondering about getting it repaired.    Talk to us – we would be happy to hear from you and we would hope to be able to help you fix your ‘find’!    

We have fixed old red phone booths (yes, the superman type!) and we have fixed small cake stands (that spin around and produce a melody at the same time).  


repair timber furniture

We welcome your enquiries, so if you have a tired old piece of furniture and would like it repaired, then call or email us today!