One of the most rewarding aspects of the work we do at Wood Poetry is to upcycle old or tired wooden furniture, sometimes called ‘repurposing’. Whether it is an old window – weathered and grey or a gorgeous table base begging for a colourful tiled surface, we can help you pull the elements together into a furniture piece that is personalised and reflective of your character and creativity!

Repurposing Furniture

We support sustainability in our work environment and we are always interested in the ‘not so perfect’ pieces that ooze character and charm. We would much prefer to create something new from the old bits rather than see them discarded in the rubbish tip. Sometimes our clients aren’t quite sure what can be done with the lovely old furniture piece that they arrive with, they just know that they can’t bear to part with it! We can discuss some options, and we just bet that we’ll come up with something which is just perfect for you and your home, a unique repurposed piece of furniture which will become a new heirloom.

Customising Furniture

If you have an interesting old window, door, drawer and have some creative ideas to personalise your furniture, contact us and let’s talk about your project idea. Our furniture restoration and repair skills can serve as the glue to bind together the elements of your design. We have extensive experience and are specialists in furniture customisation.

english oak coffee table before refreshing
english oak coffee table after refreshing
english oak coffee table legs after refreshing

Memories of Holland

This stunning English oak veneer coffee table had come all the way from Holland and a Dutch
family brought it into the workshop for a ‘refreshing’.

original drawers before repurposing
original drawers before repurposing
after repurposing into makeup bureau
after repurposing into makeup bureau
after repurposing into makeup bureau

Make Up Bureau

The customers were delighted to see this lovely old piece refurbished to something new.


We can help you with your ideas for upcycling or if you need some creative direction, we can also assist with this. We can:

  • Replace the glass in the old doors of cupboards – they look just great with mesh or pressed tin
  • Make unique bed heads from old doors
  • Repurpose old sideboards, pianos and desks
  • Create unique table tops for dining tables, coffee tables and even side tables
  • Assist with co-ordinating ulphostery and fabric choices
  • Mill timber parts to complement your design
  • Assist with tiling designs on surfaces
  • Weld and join just about any surface

We welcome your enquiries, so if you have a tired old piece of furniture and would like it upcycled into a unique custom creation, then call or email us today!

Let’s get your project started!


My old dining table I used as a young boy...

I am 82 years old and have recently downsized to a retirement village. That meant cleaning out the garage where old family furniture pieces had been stored for decades. I came across a dining table that had been in my family since I was a young boy. It was dark and covered with blotches of thick paint and dents - someone had used it as a craft table. It looked shocking but my daughter wanted to have it - so I contacted Wood Poetry to restore it. I am so glad I did... the table was stripped back to raw timber and sealed and it looks wonderful - the original castors were also repaired and I was so thrilled to see my old dining table that I used as a young boy now being used by my daughter and her family. Thank you Rob for this wonderful restoration!

John Hammond