At Wood Poetry, we are happy to help you with restoring your furniture – whether it is old or new or whether it is complete or perhaps in a few pieces.   We work with both antique and contemporary furniture restoration projects  in either timber or veneer.  We are able to work with you to determine the best approach to maintain the integrity of the furniture. 

Are you shaking off the storage dust from a family heirloom and wondering what to do with it?  Wondering whether there is a beautiful piece of timber furniture behind the cracked paint or the dark stained surface…. 

Or do you have  a contemporary piece of furniture that requires resurfacing to breathe new life into it.   Perhaps in a rush of enthusiasm, you started the restoration process yourself – only to discover that DYI furniture restoration projects were not really for you.  

The restoration process takes time, skill, sensitivity and bucketloads of patience!!  This is the specialty of Robert Steendam from Wood Poetry. He will talk with you to understand exactly what you are hoping for through the restoration of your piece of furniture. Sometimes, that can mean  stripping the entire piece back to bare timber before undertaking any repairs and finishes. Sometimes, it can mean co-ordinating upholstery and discussing fabric choices. Always, the process involves hearing the stories behind what this furniture means to you and what you are hoping to achieve through engaging in a restoration process with Wood Poetry. 

restoration original timber desk
timber desk restoration - before
timber desk restoration - before
restoration of timber desk - after
restoration of timber desk - after
restoration of timber desk - after

Desk Restoration

Restoration of an old desk from its original dark stain to a newly restored natural finish.


Talk to us if you have a furniture restoration project.  Some of the items we have worked on already are: 

  • Entrance Hall Units
  • Sideboards
  • Cloak cupboards
  • Dressers
  • Bedheads
  • Mirrors
  • Chairs
  • Stools
  • Tables
  • Desks

Each item was restored to its former glory and customers beamed with joy seeing their familiar favourites after a loving furniture restoration at Wood Poetry. 

Let’s get your project started!


My old dining table I used as a young boy...

I am 82 years old and have recently downsized to a retirement village. That meant cleaning out the garage where old family furniture pieces had been stored for decades. I came across a dining table that had been in my family since I was a young boy. It was dark and covered with blotches of thick paint and dents - someone had used it as a craft table. It looked shocking but my daughter wanted to have it - so I contacted Wood Poetry to restore it. I am so glad I did... the table was stripped back to raw timber and sealed and it looks wonderful - the original castors were also repaired and I was so thrilled to see my old dining table that I used as a young boy now being used by my daughter and her family. Thank you Rob for this wonderful restoration!

John Hammond

Restored to its former glory

I found an unusual broken folding chair at a demolition yard. It had six hessian seats and I was sure there was history behind this piece of furniture. Turns out - that it was an original seat from the Coolum movie theatre. Actually, my mum remembers these seats from when she was a young child. Anyway, the hessian seats had deteriorated and the timber had been left in the weather - not a pretty look and I was thinking it might not be worth restoring. I contacted Wood Poetry for their advice and expertise and I was amazed at the outcome. I recently collected a beautiful piece of furniture - restored to its former glory - complete with hessian seats. The timber it turns out was Queensland Maple and I now have it sitting in pride of place on my deck. Love it! Thank you Rob .

Joshua Yakubu